And by "original" we mean it's the only one that exists.

At Benny T's, we believe that heat should enhance your food's flavor, not disguise it.
That's why we created Vesta, the world's first dry hot sauce. To bring the flavor, 
aroma, and mind-altering heat of fresh chiles to your table in a brand new way.

 From the subtle hum of Hot to the scorching sting of Ghost, enjoy all three Vesta varieties in our Gift Set for only $30.


For the beginner in the world of spicy foods, our Hot variety of Vesta is made with mild to medium hot chiles such as Jalapeño, Serrano, and Thai.

For the advanced spicy food fan, our Very Hot variety of Vesta is made with hotter chiles such as Habanero, Scotch Bonnet, and Devil's Tongue.

For those who cannot get enough heat, our Ghost variety of Vesta is made with a fiery mix of Habanero, Moruga Scorpion, and Bhut Jolokia (Ghost) chiles.