Vesta Farm Update

After an extremely rainy summer, Benny T's prized chile plants on Vesta Farm are starting to hit their stride. The tale goes: the hotter the temperature, the hotter the chile. The rain may have caused our plants to grow slower than usual, but the high Carolina heat has made them outlandishly hot. 

This year's crops consist almost entirely of Ghost Chiles (Bhut Jolokia) destined for our Ghost variety of Vesta. But Benny T's also planted a few exotic chiles from Indonesia, South America, and the world's current heavy weight champion: The Carolina Reaper. This gnarly little guy weighs in at 1.4 Million Scoville Units! For measure, a Habanero is a mere 250 Thousand...

Stay tuned for more updates and photos from the 2013 Harvest.  



Posted on August 19, 2013 .